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4 year old girl from the lower body itching, the mother was frightened! Sohu maternal and child 4 and a half years old piano has some unusual, very resistant to urine, every time to hold up the toilet. She also told her mother that the urine of a little pain, and a little itchy, very uncomfortable. Also found cincin mother wash clothes, cincin underwear dirtier than before a lot, there are some yellow secretions, the taste is not very good smell. Subsequently, the mother took the piano to the hospital, the doctor said that the piano was suffering from vaginitis, scared mother jumped. The children have vaginitis due to clean place experts pointed out that young children are more vulnerable to external vaginal bacteria invasion. The adult female mature on both sides of the labia minora closure, can make the urethra, vagina is not directly exposed to the outside, it is not easy to bacterial invasion. In addition to the structure of the vagina has a certain degree of self-defense, ovarian hormones can also help to resist external bacteria. The child’s internal and external genital organs are not yet mature, estrogen deficiency, natural defense ability is low, it is easy to be infected by external pathogens and infection. Clinically, the vast majority of children are not related to the cleaning of the vulva and the parents of the relevant. For example, the baby urine, urine stains, guano stains no clean, hidden in the folds of her vulva will lead to infection; stool, if after the move from the backside, will the anus of the bacteria to the perineum, will also increase the chance of infection. A lot of parents to help children cleaning the perineum, is the flow of clean water to rinse vulva, if urine stains, guano stains hide in the fold, rely on such external wash not clean in place. The correct approach should be gently opens the labia, the inside is carefully cleaned. 6 things should not be done to prevent vaginitis: excessive cleaning frequently use a drug cleanser or lotion to clean the vulva is also the cause of vaginitis. You know, when, with water every day to clean the vulva is enough, do not make an unnecessary move to choose soap and lotion. Also note that the frequent use of sanitary pads, do you think the body is clean, in fact, on the contrary, it formed the micro environment closed environment is easy to damage the vaginal natural, reduces vaginal self antibacterial ability. Therefore, with every effort in a variety of ways as a cleaning, buy a dozen cotton underwear, wash every day, replacing every 3 months. Two: the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in broad-spectrum antibiotics kill the bacteria at the same time, also contain some beneficial bacteria, but not suppressed and the external resistance strain will be to multiply, including mold. In this way, we are very susceptible to Candida vaginitis". Therefore, remember that the use of antibiotics to be cautious. The three body problem: plastic to a lot of OL to have a charming figure, will try every way to fitness, weight loss, many of them like to use underwear people. When buying underwear, do not covet cheap buy Fiber tight underwear, because it can increase the vaginal local temperature and humidity, hot and stuffy environment but mildew nest! Four not to:)相关的主题文章: