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2016 national ocean consciousness development index: Fujian ranked the top ten yesterday, the 2016 Xiamen International Marine week opening in Haicang FTA innovative exhibition center. Entrusted by the competent departments of the State Oceanic Administration publicity, by the Peking University marine institute prepared the "2016 national ocean consciousness development index (MAI) Research Report" yesterday at the Xiamen international ocean week officially released, the Fujian index ranked the top ten. The report for the first time with the survey data and the Internet big data line, a comprehensive evaluation of China’s 31 provinces and municipalities people’s marine awareness, for the objective understanding of China’s marine consciousness level, support government decision and provide important reference for marine. The results show that the national average of 60.02 provinces and regions of the marine consciousness development index score, just to pass the level. Beijing topped the list with 84 points, Shanghai, Tianjin separated by the 2, the 3. Hainan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong, Fujian 6 coastal provinces outstanding performance, the top 10. Inland provinces and cities, Sichuan outstanding performance, ranking ninth. The remaining 21 provinces and cities are below the pass line. However, although Fujian ranked ten in the country, but the score has just reached the pass line. Overall our provinces most of the National Marine awareness index score is low, the National Marine awareness is a long way to go. (Reporter Lin Hong Chang Navy Wu Xiaoping) (Strait Herald (micro-blog))相关的主题文章: