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The first half of 2016 equity investment inventory: government guidance funds, mergers and acquisitions, to become a hot Chinese famous venture capital and private equity research institutions Zero2IPO Research Center recently released the first half of Chinese equity market statistics results on 2016. Data show that the first half of the angels, VC and PE institutions a total of 909 newly raised to invest in Chinese mainland fund, the new fund number fell 46.2%, but 640 funds are known to disclose the amount of new capital investment in the mainland Chinese amount to RMB 408 billion 567 million yuan, and the first half of 2015 to raise the scale of basic level. The first half of the equity investment, investment hedge market sentiment heavier, early investment shrinking significantly, but the "super unicorn" ant gold clothing, travel, new large enterprises drops gains huge financing. According to statistics, China private equity investment market in the first half of 2016 completed a total of 3476 investment events, the number of investment cases fell 24.7%, by the large investment event driven, of which 3034 cases to disclose the amount of investment transactions involving a total amount of 417 billion 777 million yuan, an increase of 58.9%, the average single investment reached 138 million yuan, about 2 times in 2015 the annual average investment; the first half of Chinese equity market a total of 2053 cases out of pen, of which 80% new board listed exit, due to tighter regulation, the Commission audit IPO slowed down, the first half of 2016 IPO to withdraw from the case only 146 items, less than in 2015 1/3 of the year. The size of the fund is not reduced but the decline in the number of state-owned capital to actively participate in equity investment in general, the first half of 2016 to raise the pace of China’s equity investment fund has slowed. Data show that VC and PE angels, raising a total of 909 institutions can invest in mainland Chinese fund, down 46.2%, while the number of new funds fell significantly, but the new fund size is basically unchanged from the same period in 2015, 640 to disclose the amount of funds for a total of new Chinese, capital of more than 400 billion yuan, the average raising the amount reached 638 million yuan, compared to the first half of 2015 the single fund size of 336 million yuan, up 90.2%. Among them, the angel and VC investment funds to raise the number of funds raised in the first half and the scale of decline in both the first half of the fund regulatory tighter, the difficulty of the new fund registration is not unrelated. While the number of new fund PE investment market decline at the same time to raise the scale has increased slightly is mainly due to the first half of this year, PE raised several large scale equity investment fund, which is a considerable part of the government and professional investment institutions jointly established industry fund, to invest in infrastructure construction mainly includes PPP project, clean technology and tourism industry, the industrial foundation of Shanghai integrated circuit such as a focus on investment in integrated circuit manufacturing and equipment industry in the first half of this year, the completion of the first phase of 28 billion 500 million yuan to raise funds, equity market has become the first half of the largest fund raising. In addition.相关的主题文章: