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17 million migrant workers wages lost brother picked up after the initiative to return the Xinhua News Agency 2 5 April news (reporter Han Zhen) Chongqing this winter is a bit cold, but the labor contractor Mr. Luo felt very warm. On the afternoon of 4, he lost 170 thousand yuan of wages for migrant workers, all hopes dashed to pieces on the occasion, picked up the money "the elder brother" Jiang master has voluntarily returned, the workers wages. Mr. Luo is Chongqing Jiangjin, this year he took the village folks live together in the site to find work, and become the leader of these migrant workers, he is responsible for the workers to work together to live, pay. On the afternoon of 4, he put 170 thousand yuan of wages in a carry on cowboy backpack, ready to return home to send new year money to migrant workers. Unexpectedly, the backpack was forgotten in a taxi, and there was no clue to the taxi. When he thought that the wages of his workmates were gone, Mr. Luo almost collapsed. More than 9 o’clock in the evening, in despair Mr. Luo suddenly received a phone call, Chongqing taxi lost service center staff said the cash has been found, is the taxi driver master Chiang picked up the cash, so he went to the lost and found center to receive. After hearing the news, Mr. Luo’s tears suddenly flowed down. Originally, when Mr. Jiang Xiaolin took the day the master driving taxi. Mr. Luo get off, master Jiang did not find this backpack, until 9 p.m. to class, was found to have a backpack on the car, we can see there are new hundred dollar bills two dozen thick. He had to worry about losing so much cash, and he immediately reported it to the taxi lost and found center. The 5 day at 9:30 in the morning, Mr. Luo rushed to the lost and found center accompanied by his brother, to reclaim their lost 170 thousand yuan in cash, Mr. Luo cried again, he clasped his Jiang master hand, kept saying thank you. Editor in chief: SN226

17万元民工工资丢失 的哥捡到后主动归还   新华社重庆2月5日专电(记者韩振)重庆的这个冬天有点寒冷,但包工头罗先生却感到很温暖。4日下午,他丢失了17万元农民工工资,万念俱焚之际,捡到钱的“的哥”蒋师傅却主动归还,工友们的工资失而复得。   罗先生是重庆江津人,这两年他带着村里的乡亲一起在工地找活打工,并成为这些民工的带头人,由他负责给一起干活的工友们接活、发工资。4日下 午,他将17万元工钱放在随身携带的一个牛仔背包里,准备回老家给民工发过年钱。不料,背包却忘在一辆出租车上,且没有出租车的任何线索。想到工友的工资 没了,罗先生当时几乎崩溃。   晚上9点多,绝望中的罗先生突然接到一个电话,重庆市出租汽车失物招领中心工作人员称现金已经找到了,是出租汽车驾驶员蒋师傅捡到了现金,让他到招领中心领取。听到这个消息后,罗先生的眼泪顿时流了下来。   原来,当天罗先生乘坐的是蒋小林师傅驾驶的出租车。罗先生下车后,蒋师傅也没发现这个背包,直到当天晚上9点准备收班时,才发现车上有一个背包,打开一看里面有两打厚厚的崭新百元大钞。想到失主丢失这么多现金一定很着急,他立即跟出租车失物招领中心报告此事。   5日上午9点半,罗先生在哥哥的陪同下赶到失物招领中心,领回了自己所遗失的17万元现金,罗先生再次喜极而泣,他紧紧地握住蒋师傅的手,不停地说着感谢。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: